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March 18, 2019

Office update;

On February 26, 2019 Yuh Prosthodontics had the pleasure of sponsoring the 2019 William B. Crawley Lecture Series, also known as Great Lives. The Great Lives series is a lecture series that is free to the public. This year, the lectures take place January 15, 2019 through April 9, 2019 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They start 7:30pm at Mary Washington University, in the George Washington Hall- Dodd Auditorium. The purpose of the lectures is to bring biographers and Pulitzer prize winners to Dodd Auditorium to speak about various public figures. This is our second year sponsoring a lecture!  The topic we sponsored this year was the one and only; Nelson Mandela. The speaker, Richard Stengel, was phenomenal!

 We appreciate the opportunity to sponsor such a renowned speaker and learn more about Nelson Mandela’s life. We also look forward to possibly sponsoring more Great Lives lecture in the future. 

March 13, 2019

Welcome! This is the start of our new weekly newsletter! We hope to bring you updates from the office, as well as news that pertains to your dental health every week.


Office update! 

To start off our weekly news letter I have a very special announcement. One of our patients has turned 100! She is a very special lady who has been a part of our dental family for years!  She joined our practice as a patient in 1999. She loves to watch birds, collect thimbles, read, and complete crossword puzzles. She is Dr. Yuh's first patient to reach 100 years old!   


Happy Birthday once again to a very special lady!




Dental news; this week from the American College of Prosthodontics. 

about loose implants-


One of the most common complications of single-unit implant restorations is screw loosening, which can lead to crown loosening and potential wear of the implant abutment connection (IAC). The high incidence of conical abutment loosening with a particular conical  implant system sparked interest in exploring the literature and prompted the idea for our research. The purpose of our in vitro study was to investigate screw torque reduction, vertical settling angular deformation, and wear of implant abutment interfaces. A flat-to-flat IAC system, Neoss ProActive Straight, was used as a control and compared to 3 different conical systems, Straumann BLT Roxolid, Astra Osseospeed EV, and Nobel Active. Sample were subject to dynamic cyclic loading at 260 N for 1 million cycles at 15 Hz in accordance with ISO 14891 protocol. All implant systems tested initially were regular platform implants.

The results of our study indicated that the Neoss and Straumann systems had the greatest residual  tightening torque percentage and were statistically significantly better than the Astra and Nobel systems. Angular deflection was seen in all conical systems, which was statistically significantly different than the flat-to-flat  system. Although the veritical settling was not statistically significant, all of the conical systems had at least 0.02mm of abutment submergence. When comparing pre-test and post-test SEM images of implants and abutments, wear was noted on all of the compressive and tensile surfaces of conical IACs. Potention irreparable damage of the anti-rotational component of conical IACs mar render the IAC incapable of maintaining torque values.

This article was taken from the American College of Prosthodontics, Conical Implant Abutment Repositioning After Dynamic Cyclic Loading and Relation to Screw Torque Reduction: A Pilot Study

What this article equates to is that some screw retained implants are now proven to wear faster and differently than others, causing the screw under the crown to loosen faster and more frequently. If you experience this… SEE US RIGHT AWAY!!!!

Implants that have loose screws or loose crowns for prolonged periods of time can fail, or need replacement crowns and screws!  

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